Well .. Almost … If you’re curious

The nice new TV is in place and looking very swish indeed … Lots of hi-res visuals all over the place.
HDMI ports on the rear have been occupied by a PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite and the component cable for the Wii has added a little bit of sparkle to the little one’s output.

The only thing remaining now is a DVD recorder with internal hard drive and HDMI …
Haven’t quite decided on which one to get yet but that will be the final piece of the puzzle.

Slightly upset to hear this … a mere 2 weeks after upgrading my 360 core to an Elite.
The same thing happened when I got my iPod though .. a month after that they went to colour screens …. but them’s the breaks I suppose …

Not sure on the positioning of the Xbox and the PS3 at the moment though … The PS3 is sat on the top shelf which means that the top of the unit over hangs the loading slot slightly making for some nifty finger work when swapping disks.
Haven’t quite finished tidying up the cabling behind as a result of this possible move round.
Also trying to work out where to locate the imminent NAS device that’s going to serve as a media server for the consoles and the G/f’s laptop meaning that my trusty behemoth of a desktop will no longer need to be switched on unless it’s gaming time.
I’m thinking they’re going to be located down where the PS2 is currently sitting which would put them out of the way enough to not annoy the G/f but not so far out of the way that I can’t get to them easily if they misbehave ..

Well that’s the state of play so far …