For the first time in a very long time my job has decided to send me to another part of the country and leave me there for a couple of days … which means I’ve had to pack clothing etc. to last me …

Along time ago now, my weekends would consist of heading out and “maybe” making it home on Saturday night.
In case of instances like this I kept an emergency kit bag in the boot of the car, which consisted of the following:-

Underwear (& socks)
Trainers (hey you never know)
Wash kit comprising shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste + brush and a small towel
And a sleeping bag as well … You can never be too prepared đŸ˜‰

As the years have progressed and the “Collective” has grown up and moved on from these weekends of mystery and mayhem the emergency kit no longer exists in the car.
What’s this got to do with my trip this week ? … Well looking at what I packed this morning, compared to what I would have happily done with all those years ago, I got a bit of a shock.

This morning I ended up packing into a small bag :-

3 shirts
3 ties
1 t-shirt
1 pair black trousers
1 pair jeans
1 pair shoes
3 sets of underwear (including 3 pairs of socks)
Wash kit
Travel iron
Electric razor (and charger .. even though I charged it overnight last night)
Laptop (non-work) + power supply
Nintendo DS + power supply (don’t leave home without it đŸ˜‰ ….)
DVD’s and Games (PC/DS)

On top of this little list I’ve also got the work laptop and a DS10 server to go with me …

I’m only gone for 2 nights !!! .. Yet I deem it necessary now to cart all this lot with me !!!
I’ll probably only need 2 of the shirts along with the black trousers for the work portion. Jeans and probably shirt for the after work portion. 2 sets of underwear will be used … yet I insist on packing more ….

Then there’s the “toys” … I have plenty with 2 laptops and a DS … yet I find myself contemplating taking the dreamcast that’s sat under my desk or the gamecube that’s in the bottom drawer as well !!!

What the hell is wrong with me !!! Is this normal ?