… and the new year has only just started … I’m a bad blogger 😦

With all good intentions I announced a “reboot” and then failed quite drastically to even make a follow up post.

After  a dig in the ribs from Twitter I’ve returned …

So let’s get the ball rolling with a game of tag (Thanks Danie !!)

So first up is Three for Three ….

1) Top 3 Non-Work Websites … Given what I do for a living there are surprisingly few websites that I use for actual work in fact I’d be so bold as to say 95% of the pages viewed whilst sat at my desk are non-work related so what finds its way to the top of the heap ?

In no particular order we have ….




2) Three Favorite Cocktails

Nice and easy this one …. Long Island Ice Tea, Brain Haemorrhage and a Black Russian

3) Top 3 Karaoke Songs

Singing in public is not something I do very often, however given the introduction of the plastic instrument based mayhem that is Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour (and a side step into the Wife Unit’s SingStar) my vocal savaging of songs is getting more frequent ..

So we have ….

“Enter Sandman” – Metallica

“Smells like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana

“Creep” – Radiohead

Swiftly followed by

Five Random Facts …..

5 random  little factoids about yours truely …..

  1. I once ate a jar of coffee for a bet. File this one under “Seemed like a good idea at the time” but fortunately for me my friends let me off after I got through 10 spoonfuls.
  2. I once stayed awake for 3 days straight. This is not related to No. 1 in anyway shape or form, there was no coffee, sugar, Red Bull (actually that didn’t exist then) or any other stimulants involved, just a good friend who was ill and making some dubious “sick” noises in his sleep, so I stayed awake to make sure nothing happened to him.
  3. I’ve reverted quite heavily to my rock roots, partly thanks to Guitar Hero.  I still have a fondness for the old-school rave tunes but the rampaging guitar goodness is winning more and more (as my profile on Last.FM will confirm)
  4. My goldfish have gone white, how’s that for random. Completely white, one was a nice golden fan tail and the other was a red capped oranda but now it’s all gone, with out any explanation.
  5. I completely “busked” my groom’s speech at my wedding last year, and it was a great success !! There were tears, there was laughter and more importantly they were all in the right places … I’m never writing a speech ever again from here on in I’m winging it whenever I have to deliver one

So that’s it …. I’m done ….