A New Year

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With a fresh new year comes the obligatory resolutions … those things that we say we’re going to do.

I’ve made a few myself this year, not so much resolutions but more a few guidelines for my travels through the next twelve months.

Firstly, the usual one for many, fitness … I’m aiming to improve my general level of fitness and hopefully lose a bit of weight into the bargain. I’m not one for gyms and due to an issue with my knees (i,e, they’re rather knackered) running is something I’ll save for when I’m being chased by zombie hordes during the apocalypse.

Secondly, writing … this blog right here is part of that, but the bulk of it will revolve round video games and gaming (hopefully). To be fair this started last year but hopefully this year will see it grow and develop …

Thirdly, put faces to names … or more accurately meet in the physical world at least 3 more people I know from various web based hangouts.

That’s it …. No marathon running or mountain climbing I know but things I’d like to achieve none the less. Whether I manage to or not is another matter but hopefully I will …


Witterings a plenty …

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This is somewhere I’ve been randomly updating over the years with various things …

A random spouting from my brain if you will.

Well after a long abscence I thought I’d return (mainly because I remembered my password)

Will I manage to update more than twice in a year ? Who knows ….

Will anyone actually care ? Probably not …

But, hey, I’ll ramble on a bit every now and again anyway.


You never know I may actually say something vaguely interesti … Stranger things have happened ya know 😉