Portable gaming appears to be my main source these days, mainly sneeking in a quick session of whatever’s the flavour of the day during a lunch break.

The Playstation Vita‘s been doing a very good job recently of relegating my 3DS (which I’ve had since launch) from it’s spot inside my bag to the one next to the TV unit at home.

The main reason for this is the size, I know I know, the Vita’s got better graphics etc. but I’m focusing on this. The size of the Vita fits better for me and provides a more comfortable gaming experience so I’ve found myself using it more as a result. The 3DS is great for small bursts but for me the compact nature of it’s form results in what can only be described as “gamer’s claw” if played for an extended period of time.

Now Nintendo have gone and issued a revision to this, the 3DS XL

Basically they’ve increased the size of the thing, that’s it. No other extra features, just a good ol’ fashioned increase in form factor and screen size. This pleases me, finally I’ll be able to put in some serious time on Dragon Quest without crippling myself in the process. Also thanks to the screen size it should be a more comfortable viewing experience too

The only complaint I have about the XL or rather puzzling question is why have Nintendo chosen not to include a charger in the box ? I mean really …. it’s not like it’s an optional extra is it ?

Weird move Nintendo … Weird move but it’s not stopping me from “going large” I’ll be picking up my XL soon so I can enjoy the likes of New Super Mario Bros 2 in a more comfortable fashion.