We’ve all had that prompt first thing in the morning when we’ve logged in …

You know the one I mean ….. “Your password is about to expire, please choose a new one”

This is normally followed by a couple of attempts to remember what requirements have been placed on them by the Net Ops. team and then some pondering on what you’ll actually be able to remember.

All in all it usually takes about 5 – 10 minutes depending on how awake you are at the time.

Well this morning my colleague was having a little bit more trouble than expected.

The jumpbox was prompting him to change his password, no problem, new password entered and OK selected. However the system rejected this, he tried it again, and got rejected again… and a 3rd time too.

So off to the jumpbox I go and check out his user account to see if I can set his password for him.

There I find the “Prompt user to change password at next logon” option is ticked, along with the “User cannot change password” option !!!

This would explain my co-workers predicament, and resulted in a chuckle from me …

Either there’s a ghost in the machine, or a joker’s at work in the office.