Insomnia …… It’s a pain in the backside ….

Mind you I’m not sure if what I have is actually insomnia.
I’ve never been a morning person .. evah !! Dedicated night owl me, happiest when it’s dark outside.
Since the days of my GCSE’s I’ve always needed very little sleep, about 3 hours a night was the norm.
As I’ve gotten a bit older it’s stretched to 4 hours with the odd “system crash” every few weeks where I’ll get a good 7 hours maybe even 8 !!

However sometimes I seem to have an “excess of awakeness” .. like last night, which ends up with me staring at the walls wondering when, or indeed if, I’m going to get any sleep at all !!

I finally ended up forcing myself to bed at around 05:00 this morning, not good when the alarm is going off at 06:00 to get me up for work …

And through all of this the G/f sleeps soundly … and as she was feeling excessively tired last night she went to bed at 21:00 and didn’t stir until the alarm went off …

Now I find myself sat at work with flagging energy reserves. So the “Big Gun” are being broken out to try and pep me up a bit … Toxic waste coffee FTW !!!

The coffee consists of the following :-

Half to 2/3’s of a cup of hot water
2 heaped spoonfuls of Rocket Fuel
6 spoonfuls of sugar
and then top of the rest of the cup with Red Bull

Remember to pour the Red Bull in slowly otherwise the foam it generates will go everywhere …. but you should end up with this

I take no responsibility for any after effects you may experience if you decide to try this recipe out … You’re on your own there 😉 ….